• Winning Poker Network receives penalty order from KSA

    Updated:2024-03-21 13:39    Views:162

    Following an investigation from September 2022, the KSA found that Winning Poker Network had offered games of chance to players in the Netherlands.

    This is classified as offering illegal gambling, as the operator does not hold a sufficient Dutch licence for this kind of gaming.

    Winning Poker Network was notified of these findings on 28 November and subsequently removed the website from being accessible from the Netherlands.

    In response to the KSA's intention to impose a periodic penalty payment, the operator emailed the Gaming Authority on 12 December to state that it would prevent any further Dutch customers from being able to access its content.

    However, players were still able to access the games of chance by signing up through another website from the same provider.

    This was found when the KSA ordered another investigation into the site on 10 January.

    During this, a regulator from the authority found that they could access a number of casino table games, including a variation of Three Card Poker.

    As well as providing slots, casino table games and poker,black jack aovivo the regulator also found that the casino offered the chance for players to compete for prizes.

    Due to this second infraction, the KSA has enforced a penalty order against the operator.

    If Winning Poker Network does not completely stop all opportunities for Dutch players to participate in games of chance, they will be subject to paying the penalty amount.

    The operator would be made to pay €25,000 ($26,947) for every week that it continued to offer illegal gambling, up to a total of €75,000.

    The KSA will continue to inspect Winning Poker Network.